A Snapshot of Wild Floral Beauty across the United States of America

Ralph Bailey

The United States of America is a part of North America continent and boasts of a wide range of flora and fauna that thrive well in the country. The superpower country has more than 17,000 species of vascular plants along with thousands of other additional plants, algae, lichens, fungi and mosses. Here, we are discussing various wild flowers that grow abundantly in various regions and parts of the USA as mentioned below:

Butterfly Milkweed – It is one of the favorite flowers of the monarch butterfly and is full of various toxins. The flowering plant is ingested by the monarch larvae and secretes a thick latex that sticks into the mouth parts of the larvae so as to prevent itself from being eaten. Due to its poisonous property, it is recommended to avoid contact with this wild California flower altogether.

Painted Trillium – This charming flower is known as “wake-robins” due to their blooming time of spring. They are eagerly explored by wildflower enthusiasts who consider these flowers as a beautiful three-part sight that can’t be missed at all. It can be a perfect flower choice for your beloved girlfriend or wife who wants something unique and different from ordinary flowers. You can easily send this charming flower on any special occasion with the help of an efficient flower delivery in California to impress your lady love effortlessly.

Chocolate Daisy – Arriving with a heavenly cocoa odor, this charming wild flower is known to attract pollinators such as bees, wasps, butterflies and other insects. These lovely flowers thrive well in warm climates and are known to reflect the heat with their hairy silver foliage.

Carolina Jessamine – You can easily witness this beautiful wild flower on tree trunks and telephone poles along with its tough stem that gives it the nickname of “poor man’s rope.” No doubt, it has a divine fragrance but you need to approach it cautiously as every part of this charming flower is highly toxic in nature.

Long Spurred Violet – Want to send unique flowers to California for your dear ones? It is time to add this native violet flower that can give an exotic feeling to your bouquet. The wild flower grows well in rich woodland soil and can be easily identified by its elongated spurs that lie behind its nodding flower heads. Due to this peculiar habit of nodding, violets are known as a symbol of modesty as their petals droop so low that they become hidden behind the leaves.

Creek flowers – The January month of Chinese flower calendar is dedicated to the plum blossom that is coated with dew. This native shrub can be easily found along the creek beds and canyons that are located in Texas and Oklahoma. It also bears a delicious fruit when it is picked fresh.

So, make way for these extraordinary wild flowers and amuse your loved ones by sending these blooms with other floral varieties through a reliable flower delivery in California and other parts of the USA.

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