Steps to Consider When Fashion Personnel are searching for Hair Stylists

Ralph Bailey

The day has come where your fantastic hairstylist tells you he is moving, not to a new hair salon but out of state! How are you going to find a hairstylist with the same level of professionalism as your hairstylist has now? These days hairstylists are a dime a dozen, everywhere you look there is a hair salon or hair salon/nail salon on just about every corner. How do fashion bloggers find one that will give them the personal attention that they want and expect?

If he knows of anyone that he would trust with your hair when the time comes to picking out a new hairstylist ask your current hairstylist first off. If you go to a busy hair salon start looking around at the others as they as work and ask him if he feels anyone of them will give you the same treatment and care that he has. The best time to start looking is before you need your next trim. Then you need to start viewing the minute you know he is leaving, if you get your hair trim/ colored/to straighten at a set time such as every 6 to 8 weeks. That gives you time because if you are hurried into picking a new one, you may not get the right one and deal with a bad hair cut doesn’t work!

Rule number one:

Don’t ask your friends, family, or co-workers who do their hair! Off if they are all going to the same one and have the same cut no matter what, that’s not someone you want. Mostly they will not want to tell you who their hairstylist is because they probably have told him all types of personal secrets that they don’t want you to know about. An excellent hairstylist is like your best friend, and doesn’t share your secrets with anyone, including any of your friends!

Rule number two:

Fashion management and employees shouldn’t pick their new hairstylist out of the yellow pages because their ad looks great. That doesn’t tell you anything personal about them only that they know how to advertise.

Rule number three:

If you see someone on the street that you may see every day but is still a stranger and always has been more than willing to tell you who and may even have a business card with her. Excellent salon relaxers for black hair will have given her cards to hand out with deals on first-time visits, so ask her all about him! Once you have decided on someone, you still need to ask him questions that will tell you if you feel this new hairstylist is going to work out. Don’t be sexist about picking one out, no matter what their personal life is about, that shouldn’t matter to fashion bloggers if they do amazing things with hair! Man or woman it doesn’t matter, you want someone you can be comfortable with.


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